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Welcome to Python introduce a website. On the website, I will introduce myself and my Python learning experience that you can have basic information about me. Then I will share the basic information and formula of Python which helps you may have an idea about what is Python and why learning Python is important. By the way, Do Not be Afraid. Learning new stuff always not be an easy thing. Don't because it is hard or I never touch this area before to decide not to learn.

What is Python? | Python Programming For Beginners | Python Tutorial | Edureka

How to download Python software?

This webpage is available to download this software for all types of computers. On the top of the website, it separates into Windows, Linux/UNIX, macOS, and Other types of he computers. After finish to download this software, it is time to start to learn Python.

It is the time to begin


After finishing the download. When you open the software, it will show this page above, it is means download success. And it is time to start writing program code.

Now you have a basic idea about Python. This website I really recommend for people who have an interest to learn Python as a new skill. This website will helps a lot when a beginner starts to learn about Python.

Python Tutorial

Pleasant you will have a great study journey.